SlowLife Power Yoga

Slow Life Power Yoga consiste in una pratica con cui,

ascoltando i messaggi provenienti dal corpo

e muovendosi opportunamente, si rilascia l’energia in eccesso,

se ne genera di nuova e si calma la mente.


Il ritmo lento e le posizioni dinamiche

aiutano a sincronizzare corpo e mente

aumentando la flessibilità dei muscoli,

rinforzandoli e contribuendo al benessere generale dell’organismo.

Cosa faremo: SlowLife Yoga – Scegli fra Yoga Dolce Meditativo,  Slow Power Yoga (yoga dolce dinamico),  SlowLife Yoga per lo Smart Working, Yoga Ormonale o Yoga Nidra (per migliorare la qualità del sonno)

Da aprile ad agosto sessioni di 30 minuti

Da settembre a marzo sessioni di 60 minuti

Come: Con un collegamento tramite Zoom

Quando: Al mattino o alla sera, vedi il calendario settimanale

In che lingua: scegli la lingua: inglese, francese, italiano

L’esposizione è fatta in modo lento e chiaro, quindi anche per chi studia una lingua straniera questa è un’ottima opportunità di apprendimento in un contesto pratico.

Di che cosa abbiamo bisogno: vestiti comodi, tappettino di yoga, una coperta (un foulard/sciarpa per le sessioni di Yoga Nidra)


Prenotazione: si prega di confermare la prenotazione almeno 12 ore prima dell’orario di inizio della sessione

Email: o

WhatsApp /Signal: +39 333 387 94 89

Agenda Settimanale

  • 06:45 > 07:15
    Nidra - ENG
  • 07:30 > 08:00
    Power ITA-ENG
  • 17:00 > 17:30
    Smart Working - ENG
  • 18:00 > 18:30
    Hormone - FR
  • 7:00 > 07:30
    Smart Working - ITA FR
  • 08:45 > 09:15
    Hormone ITA
  • 16:30 > 17:00
    Smart Working - ENG
  • 17:15 > 17:45
    Nidra ITA-FR
  • 08:00 > 08:30
    Smart Working - ENG
  • 09:00 > 09:30
    Power ITA-ENG
  • 21:00 > 21:30
    Meditative - ENG
  • 21:45 > 22:15
    Nidra - ENG
  • 7:00 > 07:30
    Smart Working - ITA FR
  • 08:15 > 08:45
    Meditative - ENG
  • 18:00 > 18:30
    Smart Working - ENG
  • 19:00 > 19:30
    Hormone - ENG
  • 08:30 > 09:00
    Smart Working - ENG
  • 09:15 > 09:45
    Power ITA-ENG
  • 17:30 > 18:00
    Smart Working - ITA FR
  • 18:00 > 18:30
    Meditative- ITA
  • 09:15 > 09:45
    Power ITA-ENG
  • 10:00 > 10:30
    Meditative- ITA

Quanto costa?

Gruppo – Una sessione di 60 minuti o due sessioni di 30 minuti: 15 euro

Gruppo – Pacchetto di 5 sessioni di 60 minuti o 10 sessioni di 30 minuti: 65 euro

Gruppo – Pacchetto di 10 sessioni di 60 minuti o 20 sessioni di 30 minuti: 125 euro

Una sessione individuale: 65 euro


“Such a great way to start (or end) your day. After the practice, I felt so relaxed and present. Thank you Sandrine for helping me listened to my body, for all the tips, and for making sure my postures and breathing were aligned 🙂 See you soon!”


“Sandrine’s experience was very relaxing and meditative. Throughout the experience she checked in with each guest to make sure they were following along and feeling connected to the poses. She offered small adjustments to each guest when necessary. After the experience I felt peaceful and grounded. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to feel cared for and relaxed.”


“I am a mother of two, staying at home during this unique time, and Sandrine provided an amazingly relaxing experience which left me feeling refreshed, focused and like I just had a full body massage. The whole time I was thinking how great my other parent friends would love her experience. I’ll be sure to be taking this on a regular basis, as I just can’t motivate myself to watch recorded videos. A real treat and worth every dollar. Sandrine leads a very special experience”


“Sandrine, thanks! I felt so connected with my inner soul, my breath, myself. I love your guidance throughout the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. I literally had tears in my eyes imagining hugging a trees. You made a very difficult time a moment of awareness and self care.”


“Amazing experience. Sandrine was so calming and caring. She took the time to learn about me and the core areas of my body that were wrought with tension. She customized our session accordingly and it was an easy gentle flow. At the end I almost fell asleep during savasana which goes to show how relaxed I was. Loved it. Felt like she was right in front of me guiding me along.”


“The meditative yoga session with Sandrine was a deeply calming experience which was exactly what I needed to relax and put things in perspective during this very tumultuous time in life. Sandrine is definitely an expert in her field and cam e across as gentle, caring and engaging which made it an interactive and delightful experience. Anyone can do this experience regardless of their experience yoga. I have been doing yoga for about 3 years now and still deeply enjoyed this interesting mix of meditation and yoga. The final session of Shavasana where Sandrine’s gentle voice took us to the countryside of Tuscany was my absolute favorite!”


“Sandrine was a great host. She talked and listened to everyone carefully. She is able to give advice and correct postures over zoom. The entire experience is relaxing and calming. I definitely felt more peaceful after the session. It also felt nice to connect with people over the zoom at this special moment. Thanks Sandrine for hosting me!”


“Sandrine’s yoga experience provided a calm start to my day. I was most impressed by Sandrine’s ability to tailor the session for each of the guests, and I never felt uncomfortable. I recommend this experience.”


“This was SO relaxing and wonderful. I highly recommend this online experience. It is a great way to step away from your day and be present. Sandrine was a wonderful host, clearly and expert. The setting was also beautiful , calming, comfortable.”


“Wow, this is exactly what I needed, in our current state of the world. Sandrine and I connected from each of our living rooms and she spent time meaningful forcing me to be more gentle to myself and to reconnect with my body and mind. She has so much wisdom about wellness practices, but time with her was even more magical because not only did it force me to prioritize my self, but I could also be in the living room of someone in Italy, and learn about how she’s experiencing this global pandemic, thousands of miles away. Thank you, Sandrine! I can’t wait to come visit you when this is all over. <3”


“Sandrine is a wonderful, knowledgable human being. Experiencing her gentle meditative yoga in the comfort of our homes during this time of quarantine, was incredibly special. I felt a real sense of belonging and I would highly recommend Sandrine for anyone looking for a special digital experience at home or the next time we get the luxury of traveling to Florence. Thank you Sandrine!”


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