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In these challenging times it’s very important to take care of yourself.
This way, you’ll have a calmer mind and more energy to take care of others.
A daily practice of centering yourself is a wonderful way to do this and a real balm for the soul.

To support your practice SlowLife Coaching and SlowLife Yoga offer various options using the Zoom platform.
These options can include yoga, meditation and coaching as you need.

Read my reviews to discover more and be inspired!

To Book Your Session

1. Select one of the options below to send me your contact details.
2. I will be in touch straight away to organise a day and time that suits you.
3. I’ll then send you a welcome note and Zoom link to connect to your session (if you’ve not already done so, just download the Zoom App to your tablet or computer)
4. I look forward to seeing you soon!

I welcome any questions at or

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool that allows users to have online meetings. You will be able to follow the yoga class on your tablet or computer from the privacy of your own home. Zoom is free and can be downloaded directly from their website.


SlowLife Yoga & Gentle Meditation

No experience of meditation or yoga is required, and we won’t be doing any strenuous moves! I’ll lead you through some breathing techniques and simple exercises to induce deep relaxation and support your daily centering practice.

Suitable both for beginners and those with experience

If you wish to know more about the weekly SlowLife Yoga Classes, please click the following link

Individual SlowLife Yoga & Gentle Meditation & SlowLife Coaching

A comprehensive SlowLife session starting with gentle meditative yoga before exploring effective solutions to taking care of your deepest needs in this challenging time.

~ 75 minutes
~ 70 euros per person
~ Individual session
~ Suitable both for beginners and those with experience

Individual SlowLife Yoga & Nutrition Coaching

A specialised SlowLife session using gentle meditative yoga to understand the art of nutritional nourishment by listening to our body.

~ 75 minutes
~ 70 euros per person
~ Individual session

Business SlowLife

Corporate SlowLife Coaching & Meditative Yoga is a customised offering for corporate teams and business partners. A unique and powerful way to bring your people together, deepen relationships and improve wellbeing.

Using gentle meditative yoga and SlowLife philosophy, this one hour session releases tension in the back, neck and shoulders, while calming the mind, restoring energy and leaving participants:

– more centered
– more concentrated
– less stressed by deadlines
– more connected with each other
– with the capacity to maintain service quality

If you wish to know more about the options, please click the following link

Yoga & Meditation as a Gift

All options can be gifted and are great as a birthday present or as a way of gathering friends together.


“I am a mother of two, staying at home during this unique time, and Sandrine provided an amazingly relaxing experience which left me feeling refreshed, focused and like I just had a full body massage. The whole time I was thinking how great my other parent friends would love her experience. I’ll be sure to be taking this on a regular basis, as I just can’t motivate myself to watch recorded videos. A real treat and worth every dollar. Sandrine leads a very special experience”


“This was SO relaxing and wonderful. I highly recommend this online experience. It is a great way to step away from your day and be present. Sandrine was a wonderful host, clearly and expert. The setting was also beautiful , calming, comfortable.”


“Wow, this is exactly what I needed, in our current state of the world. Sandrine and I connected from each of our living rooms and she spent time meaningful forcing me to be more gentle to myself and to reconnect with my body and mind. She has so much wisdom about wellness practices, but time with her was even more magical because not only did it force me to prioritize my self, but I could also be in the living room of someone in Italy, and learn about how she’s experiencing this global pandemic, thousands of miles away. Thank you, Sandrine! I can’t wait to come visit you when this is all over. <3”


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