SlowLife Coaching

What does ‘Coaching’ mean?

Unlike other countries, in Italy the concept of “coaching” is relatively new, but to me it describes an activity engaged in by those who feel the need to profoundly change something in their lives and to be accompanied on that journey towards lasting change.

What is ‘SlowLife Coaching’?

I love this French expression “Se ressourcer” literally “Stop for a moment to drink the spring water”, “recharge”.  This is the very essence of Slow Life Coaching; a lifestyle that teaches us how to take care of our deepest needs, a “slower” daily attitude toward life which reconnects us to the beauty of small details that every moment offers us – yet often we do not see.

In short, we disconnect ourselves from distraction to reconnect with our senses, with our body, our minds and above all with our soul.

Who is SlowLife Coaching for?

I work with people from all over the world, each with different needs but one thing in common – the desire to connect with a slower pace in their daily lives.  They take this time to meet themselves again, to reflect, sometimes to make important decisions, sometimes just to pause, sometimes to regain energy, but always to understand their deepest needs.

How does a SlowLife Coaching session work?

Each session is structured in two parts. It begins with a gentle meditative yoga session that induces deep relaxation.
From this calm, quiet state we begin the second part, where I guide you in exploring your deepest needs and from there discover concrete and effective solutions to meet them.

Your session includes refreshments and will take place in a bright and peaceful country house in the Chianti hills on the outskirts of Florence, however sessions can also be held at your home, a hotel or place of work as you prefer.

SlowLife Coaching sessions can be held in Italian, English, French, German and Russian.

SlowLife Coaching can be customised for organisations and work groups, and groups of people wishing to share time together.


For further details: – +39 333 387 94 89

Individual SlowLife Coaching

Individual Slow LifeCoaching is for those

  • looking to create a new balance in their life
  • who feel the need to profoundly change something in their life
  • who want to learn to take care of their deepest needs
  • looking for new inspiration
  • who want to improve their quality of sleep
  • experiencing a period of tension and stress
  • who need to be “pampered”
  • needing to pause and regain energy before an important event (perhaps an exam)

How Much?

Individual Session 90 mins: 90 euro

SlowLife Coaching for two

SlowLife Coaching for two  can be helpful for

  • parents and children wanting to deepen their connection through sharing and smiles
  • couples looking for new projects, ideas, inspirations
  • friends who never find the time to see each other and use this work as a way to come together
  • future brides and grooms needing to pause and reflect together before their big day

Group SlowLife Coaching

Group SlowLife Coaching is especially suitable for


  • groups (max 12 people) who want to spend time together with friends or colleagues
  • after practising gentle meditative yoga we will reflect together on how to adopt a “slower” attitude in our daily lives, on how to rediscover the pleasure of simplicity and above all on how to take care of our deepest needs.
  • tasting of prized teas will accompany our reflections

What they’re saying


…So happy to have had the experience of meeting Sandrine and having the opportunity to take her yoga class and hear about her slow living philosophy. It was life changing for me. Thank you!



Spending time with Sandrine is a lot of fun. She’s a great listener and has a wonderful sense of humour. Apart from her expertise, I was curious to learn about her philosophy. It’s an interesting approach!



…Everything and more. Sandrine will feed your mind, body and soul.


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