‘Three Minute break’

Welcome to the Podcast page of Slowlife Yoga! You can also find it on YouTube under the same name.

These Podcasts are short stories. Like many from our childhood they provide an effective and simple way to relax, evoking images that induce calm and quiet well-being.

We could consider them as “pills” in audio format that we can listen to anywhere: in the car while stuck in the traffic, in bed before falling asleep, as a siesta, while in a noisy city or walking in green surroundings, during a work break, when someone gets on our nerves, during a massage, on a train or a plane (they are very helpful if you suffer from fear of flying) … or simply on the sofa without doing anything.

In short,  these “pills” can help us recall who we are, reconsider our priorities and better understand what our real needs are in the current chapter of our life.


On this page you will also find the Italian and French versions of the podcasts.

‘Three Minute break’

Meditative ASMR

This is a pause, equivalent to taking a 20-minute siesta.
After listening you will feel refreshed and recharged.


To fully enjoy the entire soundscape, the use of large headphones

isolating you from outside noises is recommended.

Coffee Break

Reflections on life

Ideal to listen to during a coffee break.
You will return to your work with a smile and full of new ideas!


59 Seconds of Wellbeing

100% well-being pills – with immediate effect



59 Seconds of Wellbeing” are weekly inspirational videos providing practical suggestions of how to use the SlowLife approach and improve your quality of life.

You will find many yoga exercises that are easy to include in even the busiest day.

They are perfect during a break and especially if you spend a lot of time sitting.

The exercises are simple yet powerful in helping release accumulated tension and provided an oasis of calm in your day.

Each exercise takes only 59 seconds, no more!  So no excuse!

Be kind to yourself. Your body deserves it.

I invite you to view “59 Seconds of Wellbeing” at my YouTube channel.



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