Nutrition Coaching

As your Nutrition Coach, I will surprise you by not talking about diets or calories or whether red meat should be banned from the table.

As a Nutrition Coach I believe how you eat is more important than what you eat.

I often get requests from people wanting to go on a diet and lose weight at lightning speed.

For professional reasons I always decline.

Going on a diet to lose weight quickly is like putting on a Band-Aid and then taking shower – the Band-Aid won’t stick and neither will a quick-fix weight loss diet.

Take your time

I am profoundly convinced that when we go slowly, when we listen to and respect the messages of our body, the changes we make are healthy, sustainable and leave us feeling truly at home in our physical self.

That’s why in my work I find it more effective to teach people to take their time when they are at the table.

By learning to eat slowly, we inevitably eat less and better.

I teach people not to turn a deaf ear when the body tells them it is full.

I teach people to think about how full they are regardless of how much food is on their plates so they can learn and understand what kind of nourishment they need at any given moment.

How does a Nutrition Coaching session work?

Each Nutrition Coaching session is structured in two parts.

We begin with a gentle meditative yoga session that induces deep relaxation.

From this calm, quiet state we begin the second part, where I guide you to understand your real needs in such a way that food is no longer used as comfort.

Together we explore concrete and effective solutions to create greater balance and stability in your life.

In addition to English, I am fluent in French, German, Russian and of course Italian!

Moderation is like sobriety: we would like to eat more, but we are afraid of hurting ourselves.

(François de La Rochefoucauld)

What they’re saying

Wouaw… Quelle expérience merveilleuse! Rien n’était à changer! Le cadre était magique, la séance apaisante et bénéfique, l’hôte absolument parfaite, et les petites collations à la fin… typiquement italiennes, tasty! Le jardin de Sandrine était reposant, et le chant des cigales nous berçait doucement! Ce qui était le plus beau c’est que tout était dans la simplicité, aussi bien dans la manière de parler que dans la manière de se comporter! Sandrine est quelqu’un d’extrêmement bienveillant, d’une gentillesse sans faille, et d’une joie d’une joie de vivre radieuse! Exactement le genre d’expérience « inattendue » que j’adore et qui me fait ressentir que je suis pleinement en vie! À refaire avec grand grand plaisir!


…Nella vita spesso mi è successo di sentir dire che le cose importanti non succedono per caso.. quando cerchi qualcosa di importante di cui hai bisogno, col cuore.. lo trovi con semplicità.. ed è così che ho conosciuto Sandrine.. la stavo certamente cercando ma non avrei mai immaginato di incontrare una persona così.. Sandrine è una persona bellissima.. ha un energia positiva e delicatissima che accoglie in pienezza.. è un grandissimo dono il suo.. quello di saper ascoltare le persone.. e con la sua sensibilità e intelligenza ha sempre la cosa giusta da dire.. ha un mazzo cosmico di chiavi in tasca che ti da.. e che ti fanno sbloccare nel cervello meccanismi a volte ancorati da anni.. per me è stato un incontro preziosissimo.. meraviglioso!


“I am a mother of two, staying at home during this unique time, and Sandrine provided an amazingly relaxing experience which left me feeling refreshed, focused and like I just had a full body massage. The whole time I was thinking how great my other parent friends would love her experience. I’ll be sure to be taking this on a regular basis, as I just can’t motivate myself to watch recorded videos. A real treat and worth every dollar. Sandrine leads a very special experience”


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